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    "Darjeeling Altitudes" Coffret

    A singular approach to discover and enjoy the quality of the Darjeeling first flush. Three teas picked at different altitudes (600,1200 & 2000 meters), constitute a unique opportunity to taste the influence of a terroir and an altitude for the production of a tea growing in the same region..

    40.00 €

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    "Place des Vosges" Coffret

    The enchanting ambience of the Dammann Frères boutique, located in the heart of the Paris “Marais” district, is the inspiration for this elegant case. Goût Russe Douchka - 30 g Jardin Bleu - 30 g Soleil Vert - 30 g Passion de Fleurs - 15 g.

    36.00 €

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    "Tea Colours" Coffret

    Akin to a voyage of discovery in the rich and diverse universe of tea, 4 teas with 4 distinct colours are offered in this chest of lacquered wood. This chest comes complete with an all new “measure spoon” which indicates the correct dose for each tea : 1 for black tea ; 2 for the yellow, green and white teas. Thé noir du Yunnan G.F.O.P. - 50 g, Thé vert Sencha – 50 g, Thé blanc d’Anji – 25 g, Thé jaune Meng Ding Huang Ya – 25 g..

    48.00 €

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    "Versailles" wooden Coffret

    In the year of 1692, by royal decree, the Dammann adventure is beginning… Many years later, a chest in lacquered wood welcomes 4 flavoured blends, positioned around a golden tea strainer, which evokes memories of delicacies once cultivated at Versailles for the King. Jardin Bleu – 30g Pomme d’Amour – 30g 4 Fruits Rouges – 30g Citrons – 30g.

    85.00 €

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    Coffret Menuet

    chest of 32 individually enveloped tea bags gathering 8 piece of the following varieties .

    34.00 €

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    this is surrounded by a leather thong,gathers around a tea infuser spoon,6 teas selected in the most famous blends of the house..

    66.50 €

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    Coffret french line

    white wooden casket 4 tins 4*50g blue wooden casket 4 tins 4*50g.

    106.00 €

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